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Image Management Through Health and Fitness:
After The Fat

With the departure of 2012, several people did quite well with their fitness and weight loss goals. There are others that are planning to start a new health and fitness program starting January 1, 2013.

Whether it happened in 2012 or moving forward in 2013, it is true that people lose weight for personal reasons. It is also a known fact that by losing weight and taking better care of your health you will feel good about yourself. Feeling good makes you look good and when you look good you feel good. Achieving your health and fitness goal is one thing but what do you do with the new and improved you "After the Fat"?

Once an individual loses weight, there are obvious changes in ones appearance, attitude and lifestyle.

If you have lost weight or know someone that has lost weight, you will notice that the self-confidence and self-esteem in that person increases. There is more eye contact given, the body language and posture of the individual is more positive and open. You will notice that the individuals' attitude is more upbeat and outgoing. The inner beauty of that person is more alive and it shines from within and travels outward.

There is a lifestyle change in a way that motivates the individual to be out in public more and to have more of a social life.

The new body image of that individual has changed in a positive way. With that enhanced change comes new clothes, new hairstyle, beautiful skin enhanced with make-up.

It's not just about losing weight and leaving it at that. It is all about the complete package from head to toe. It's about the new "Essence of You". You have worked hard to maintain or achieve good health and body frame that you desired, now what about your image. The product has been taken care of (you), now what about the packaging (your appearance).

In your search to redefine your image and your person, consider some of the common questions shown on the right side of this page as they pertain to your new look.

Personal Coaching can be the answer to helping you enhance you new look. One on one coaching programs are tailored to the specific needs of the individual. First Impression Image Consulting can assist you with your appearance, attitude and actions to maximize your new image and style.

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Redefining Your Image

In your search to redefine your image and your person, consider some of the common questions that you might ask yourself as it pertains to your new look.

Why did I decide to lose weight?
Health reasons, self-satisfaction and gratification, healthier and fit lifestyle, clothes are getting to tight, want to look like I did 10 years ago, career change, lose post pregnancy weight or other reasons.

Now that I have met my weight loss goal, should I consider a new style of dress and/or a new hairstyle?
Yes because you now have a new look that includes a redefined body frame. You should enhance that look with updated clothes that fit. Your hairstyle should also reflect the new "happily sassy" individual that you have become.

How can losing weight affect my attitude?
You become more positive, friendlier and open-minded in your thinking and actions. Your new level of energy will also show through in your attitude. You will be bursting with confidence.

What can this new change do for my career?
Not only will your new look show that you are a self-motivated, focused and a result driven individual, it will also demonstrate to your fellow associates and management team that you are not afraid of change or to take a chance. Your level of confidence and self-esteem will increase significantly.

What can this new look do for my social life?
It can certainly boost your social life because now you are more outgoing. Your verbal and non-verbal communication will change and become more pronounced and more self-assured.

Why is it important for me to enhance my appearance after losing weight?
You are now feeling and looking better from the inside out. After losing weight some people look ill. That is because after losing the weight, they made no other changes. Their hairstyle stayed the same and they are wearing the same clothes that they wore prior to losing weight. That means that the clothes are perhaps hanging rather loose and looking tacky. By enhancing your appearance based on your new body structure you are confirming with yourself that you do look good and feel great. Your hard-work and great accomplishment compliments the "New You"!

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