Social & Dining Etiquette

For adults, young adults, teenagers and children.
Learn The Dining and Social Skills Necessary To Interact In Any Situation...

For individuals and groups who want to learn how to feel comfortable in any dining, business or social situation. Develop the conversational skills to present toasts and welcomes and handle unforeseen mishaps, along with other important etiquette skills.

Program Details

We offer proactive teaching of the effectiveness of using etiquette and a polished image in ones everyday lifestyle through one-on-one consulting, small group training workshops or large-scale conference presentations.

  • - Successful Dining Skills and Table Manners for Adults
  • - Conducting Business Over Lunch or Dinner
  • - The Art of Handling Hard to Eat Food
  • - Dining Skills and Table Manners for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults
  • - Social Skills and Manners for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults

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Dining and Social Etiquette

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